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4 months ago 01:23:16pm

The terror of Corona epidemic, the pain of an industrialist and the miracle of God

The Corona epidemic has devastated the entire world. It is not just an epidemic that is killing people and making them sick, it is a war against the whole of humanity that is killing them in many ways such as unemployment, poverty, hunger, hatred, social discrimination, social insecurity and more.

Janata curfew in the entire country on 22 March, lockout in Delhi on 23-31 March and then declaration of lockout of 21 days across India. The day to day work was the most affected. The last 15 days of March are very important for the industry in India. Trade to the extent of 15 to 40 percent of the whole year takes place during these 15 days. At first it seemed that this is a simple incident and by 31 March everything will be fine. But as the days went by, this disease became disastrous and there was a panic in the whole world.

Considering the humanity April 2020, was poised to become the darkest and worst month in the history of India. There was an atmosphere of poverty, helplessness, hunger, fear, regret and doubts everywhere. Millions of people started walking from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and all the metros to their villages in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Men and women, the young, the old, the children all of them started walking thousands of kilometres with hungry stomachs. Words like social security, humanity, love, social harmony and ideal society were dying out.

I have seen many ups and downs in my life and struggled continuously but have never given up. Speaking honestly, for the first time in my life, I started losing my mental balance. Through out the month of April I could hardly get two- three hours of sleep a day . I started trying different ways to keep myself mentally fit like cooking extra food for 5-10 people every day and keeping it at the main gate outside. Worshipping for a few hours in the temple at my home , trying to help people by talking to them throughout the day, motivating people to do something good etc. Meanwhile, on May 1, 2020, on Labor Day, I started the Hard Worker Empowerment Program.
Troubles kept mounting with each day and I felt helpless. I dreamt of

my family, friends and employees walking even in my sleep. I was passing through the worst phase of my business for the last 6-7 years and was struggling to save my existence. But this incident had shocked me deep inside. Personally myself and 95% of my employees are not so financially strong to survive even 2-3 months without income . I sent a message on 25th March to every employee that even if this lockdown lasts for 6 months, everyone will get 100% salary and there will be no reduction. Almost every week I kept sending these messages regularly.
Due to the system and policies of the country and the year-long slowdown in the telecom sector, which was going on continuously for 6-7 years, we were already going through a very serious economic crisis and then this new crisis. There would have been hardly 20 lakhs cash reserve for such a huge workforce. From the the beginning, we had only three things in the name of capital-good intention, honesty and hard work.

I am telling honestly that there was no way I could handle this crisis. Every month fixed expenses of 6-7 crores and no cash in hand. God took the responsibility of driving my cart and believe me, it was his miracle that the cart kept moving. At least 30-80% more than the total payment the company would have paid in any 6 months in the last 20 years, that many payments were made in only 3 months from April to June this year. The company paid all suppliers, partners, service providers & everyone in these three months. All employees got 100% salary. It was possible only with the help and miracles of God.

When we started Savitri Group in 1999, we had made a lot of policy from day one. One of the policy was that 95% of the employment in Savitri group will be reserved for those who are unemployed and those who are weaker socially and economically will get priority in this too. We also included people in our employment policy who were forced to enter in negative activities like crime/ kidnapping / Naxal / terrorism to fulfill their salt and bread needs due to social & economic reasons and lack of employment. We are happy that in the last 20 years we have followed our policy to the maximum .
Countless people lost their lives walking on foot. Some died of hunger, some died due to accident & many people fell victim to the system.

Whenever something goes wrong in the society, its blame goes to the whole society and country. I also consider myself responsible for whatever happened to the poor laborers & helpless people during this corona epidemic and will continue to earnestly atone for this sin. My intention to write is not to tell anyone about myself. I would be happy if you read it as pretense, drama or story. My aim is only to tell people about a good & social thought. My aim is to try to bring social & economic changes in the country. If affected by this thought only one tries to change the life of a person who is socially & economically backward, writing this will be a success.
The above thoughts are not written for the purpose of hurting any country, person and society. If someone is hurt, then I would like to apologize.

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