Dr. A. K. Rastogi, president, Aavishkar Media Group
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4 years ago 06:41:41pm Television

Dr. A. K. Rastogi

dr. sir

Dr. A.K. Rastogi does not require any introduction in CATV and broadcasting industry. He is well recognized as a missionary, who laid down the foundation of Aavishkar Media Group.

Aavishkar Media Group enjoys the privilege of holding lot of appreciation & recognitions for publishing Aavishkar magazine (India’s first trade magazine on broadcasting & CATV industry now included Broadband, IT, OTT & Digital Content also.) which recently celebrated its 300th golden issue.

Dr. A.K. Rastogi is the chief editor of fortnightly tabloid “Aavishkar Darpan”, which has entered into its 20th year.

He is also founder of “All India Aavishkar Dish Antenna Sangh”, (formed in 1993) with an agenda to unite nationwide cable TV operators.

Dr. A. K. Rastogi is aggressively engaged into a lot of social activities, he goes for “Chetna Yatra” (for the unification and awakening of CATV operators) every year in the month of September & October, travels over 25,000 kms & cover over 450 destinations. He recently completed his 16th Chetna Yatra virtually (due to Covid-19) to cover 28 states, 8 Uts in 35 days from 15th Sept.-20th Oct. 2020.

Dr. A. K. Rastogi has been able to create a nationwide network by connecting people from CATV industry who are operating their businesses even at far end locations of the country. He sacrificed his comforts and is yet doing consistent efforts.

 The enormous network and popularity of Dr. Rastogi amongst CATV grass root workers, leaders, businessmen, MSO’s, hardware, technology & television broadcasters is the key strength for the team and people associated with him.

He is associated with CATV industry since the inception of first Indian satellite TV channel in the year 1992. He has played a vital role for the development of CATV industry with his strategic participation in various task forces, such as the first ever task force of twelve members created by MIB on broadcast and CATV services, another on CAS (Conditional Access System).

He has also been a member of the committee created to  address copyright related issues, wherein the Lt. Sh. Yash Chopra, Lt. Sh. Yash Johar, Mr. Amit Khanna etc. were the other members of committee.

Dr. A. K. Rastogi has always been instrumental in organizing seminars, conventions and exhibitions for the betterment of the industry. This has always reviewed to bring harmony amongst all factions of industry as well to bring them under one roof.

Dr. A. K. Rastogi is also the author of many books (“Aavishkar Ekta Yagya”, “Kal Beet Gaya   Sambhal lo Kal Ko”, “Ek Nayi Disha Ki Aur”, “Sabar ka Pyala”, “Chetna Yatra 1,2,.…..9,10”) etc. on CATV broadcast industry.

 He is a visionary and has always played significant roles in the successful compliance of various initiatives by Aavishkar Group like “SATCAB Symposium”, “BCS Ratna Awards”, “Imaan India Samman”, “Ek Shyam Dosti Ke Naam”, “Holi Ke Rang Electronic Media Ke Sang”etc.

His knowledge for the industry and recognition amongst all players in various layers of the industry is always instrumental for the positive outcomes of the strategic new initiatives.

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