MIB’s new digital ad policy to help govt. widen online outreach

India proposes Cinematograph Act changes for digital age

The Indian government has proposed amendments in the Cinematograph Act to keep pace with the changing times and technology, which would also help in curbing online piracy and bring about uniformity in product classification for viewing by consumers as was recently done for streaming content.

Take guard against 5G signal interference: MIB tells DPOs

Cable TV rules amended; MIB to register self-regulatory bodies

India’s federal government on Thursday evening announced amendments in the Cable Television Network Rules to provide for a statutory mechanism to address content-related complaints on TV channels, which brings the broadcast sector self-regulatory mechanism at par with other sections of media like the print, advertisi...


MIB rejects news channels’ digital norms exemption plea

India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has rejected a request from traditional and legacy media companies with digital businesses to be exempt from the country’s newly-implemented digital regulations and has also refused an extension to the compliance period of 15 days given earlier.

India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has said it suspended the registration of about 276 MSOs in April, though the reasons were not publicly outlined. However, the MIBs also stated that despite the latest action, the total number of MSOs in the country stood at 1761 at the end of April 2022. The number includes MSOs whose registrations were suspended. From the data put on the website of the Ministry, it is not clear whether the MSOs whose registrations got suspended could get back to delivering normal services as and when the objections raised by the government were addressed and anomalies in the registrations were rectified. A few of the suspended MSOs --- as highlighted by the MIB --- did change the structure of their companies from partnership to proprietorship entities. The list of suspended MSOs could be viewed on the MIB website at https://mib.gov.in/sites/default/files/List%20of%20Registered%20MSOs%20as%20on%2030.04.2022.pdf. There were four MSOs whose registrations were cancelled/surrendered during the month of April. The applications of Shivam Cable & Broadband Private Limited of East Medinipur in West Bengal and Gujrata State's Bhuj-based Rallyon Technology were rejected by the MIB owing to suppression of vital information. In March 2022 also MIB had rejected the application of two MSOs as they had withheld relevant information from the government. The registration of Panduranga Cable Network of Telengana was cancelled in April 2022 due to non-operation. Ditto for Karnataka’s RK Digital Cable TV Network. As per a government order of 2017, all registered MSOs, unless indicated in the registration order specifically, can operate anywhere in India.

Indian govt. bans Hope TV for a month

The Indian government has issued a stern warning to TV channel Hope TV for failing in its financial obligations towards licence fees and suspended the channel’s broadcast for a month. The government has also directed the distribution platforms to desist from carrying the offending channel on their networks failing which action could be taken ...

Govt. warns TV channels on tunnel collapse coverage

MIB urges GECs to air Covid-relates messages

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting yesterday issued an advisory to all private general entertainment (non-news) television channels to promote awareness of the national helpline numbers by way of a ticker or such appropriate ways as they may consider at periodical intervals, especially during prime time.

Govt. warns TV channels on tunnel collapse coverage

सूचना एवं प्रसारण मंत्रालय ने सभी प्राइवेट टीवी न्यूज़ चैनल्स के लिए जारी किये यह दिशानिर्देश

सूचना एवं प्रसारण मंत्रालय ने सभी प्राइवेट टीवी न्यूज़ चैनल्स के लिए कोरोना से संबंधित कवरेज को लेकर के दिशानिर्देश जारी किये है। इसको लेकर के मंत्रालय ने अपनी आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर एक नोटिस भी जारी किया है। जारी किये गए नोटिस के अनुसार मंत्रालय ने कहा है कि न्यूज चैनल्स लोगों के बीच महामारी पर जागरूकता फैलाने के मकसद से जारी किए गए चार हेल्पलाइन न...