Synamedia rolls out OTT ServiceGuard against pirates
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3 years ago 11:17:25am Television

Synamedia rolls out OTT ServiceGuard against pirates

New Delhi, 11-October-2021, By IBW Team

Synamedia rolls out OTT ServiceGuard against pirates

Synamedia, one of the largest independent video software providers, has launched Synamedia OTT ServiceGuard to shut out streaming pirates.

The new product can help the global media and entertainment industry to systemically address the inherent weaknesses that make it easy for pirates to not only steal content, but also entire OTT services, including redistributing directly from the service provider’s content delivery network (CDN).

According to a press release from Synamedia, the OTT ServiceGuard is the first solution on the market to protect content across all open platforms — whether mobile, browsers, or smart TVs — and the first to extend the service protection to the CDN itself, stopping pirates from stealing content at the point of distribution.

With video service providers facing increased pressure from rights holders to fight piracy, the new solution makes it possible to securely distribute content on open platforms by validating that only legitimate subscribers and applications are granted access and receive content.

To protect against common methods used by pirates to steal content and an OTT service, Synamedia OTT ServiceGuard gives each client a unique identity that is not clone-able and allocates secure keys for signing service requests, ensuring all client messages are validated for their authenticity and origin. The solution will be continuously enhanced as Synamedia’s operational security team detects new vulnerabilities, the release stated last week.

“We have set ourselves a challenge of educating the industry about the scale of OTT piracy. Many rights holders and operators mistakenly believe that current approaches, including DRM, client hardening and concurrency limits, provide adequate content protection. Without sugar coating the truth, they are mistaken.

“Up to now, technologies have barely made a dent in OTT piracy because the protocol is broken. Synamedia OTT ServiceGuard is designed to safeguard against those risks,” said Nitsan Baider, Director of Product Management for Security Solutions at Synamedia.

According to Jennifer Kent, Vice President, Parks Associates, a market research company, “It has become far too easy for pirates to gain access to high quality content and redistribute it at the expense of the video service provider. Protecting against this weakness and creating a differentiated offering with protection at the forefront will help companies securely distribute content.”

As the latest layer of security in the EverGuard portfolio, which provides holistic protection against video piracy, Synamedia OTT ServiceGuard is available as a service and quick to deploy. As a single offering that supports all client devices, it is easily integrated with existing OTT infrastructure without impacting the user experience or any existing application-service communications. It addresses the protection of all types of client with a simple software library that can be integrated in the normal development pipeline.

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