Pocket FM

Nishant Malkaani, Nyrraa M Banerji return in Pocket FM’s ‘Insta Empire’

Renowned actors Nishant Malkaani and Nyrraa M Banerji make a highly anticipated return as an on-screen couple in Pocket FM's latest audio blockbuster, 'Insta Empire.' Known for their dynamic chemistry on television and OTT platforms, the duo now ventures into the world of audio storytelling. In the series, Nishant portrays Naksh, the poor son...

Jal Andolan

BIG FM concludes ‘Jal Andolan’ campaign

BIG FM, India's prominent radio network, has successfully concluded its impactful initiative, 'Jal Andolan - Desh Ne Thaani Not to Waste Paani', aimed at promoting responsible water usage amidst escalating global water crises. The campaign garnered widesp...

Red FM

Red FM announces return of ‘Quiz India Movement for S2’

Red FM is all set to reignite excitement with the return of its highly acclaimed radio game show, Quiz India Movement, for a second season. Riding on the success of its inaugural season, Red FM promises 30 days of relentless fun and rewards, coinciding with the much-anticipated T20 Cricket World Cup. Nisha Narayanan, Director and COO of