Instagram testing new ‘Favorites’ feature

Social media platform Instagram is working on a new feature ‘Favorites’ that will allow its users to mark other user stories, photos, and other content like reels as their ‘Favorites’. According to ANI, ‘Favorites’ will let users categorize their most important Instagram account as their p...


Google adding dark mode feature

American tech giant Google has finally added the dark mode feature for its search engine on the desktop. With the addition of the feature, users will now have three options in appearance settings of the search engine from Google, ANI reported. Announcing the new update,


WhatsApp adding encrypted backups

Facebook-owned popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp, on Friday announced that it will let more than 2 billion users fully encrypt the backups of their messages. The plan, which WhatsApp has detailed in a white paper before rolling out to users on

Spotify rolls out Enhance feature

Spotify rolls out Enhance feature

Swedish auto streaming platform Spotify has introduced a new feature called Enhance, which will automatically spiff up the playlists with recommended songs that will fit in the user's music existing style.

The feature works through a new