Amazon unveils new slate of updated devices, including Alexa
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Amazon unveils new slate of updated devices, including Alexa

New Delhi,22-September-2023, By IBW Team

Alexa Inc, playing a catch-up game, has unveiled a slate of new and refreshed devices and updated its Alexa voice assistant with generative artificial intelligence to attract users to the unprofitable product as competition grows from chatbots like Google’s Bard.

Alexa will converse more naturally, losing its robotic tone of nearly a decade, and answer questions like the start time for football games and recipe ideas. It will also be able to compose and recite poems, Amazon showed at the company’s annual product launch in Arlington, Virginia on Wednesday, a Reuters report stated.

Meanwhile, a media statement, put out by Amazon and accessed by, said, “From smart speakers that help you cook a new recipe to cameras that let you keep tabs on your front door from anywhere, Amazon devices are indispensable to modern life—and they just keep getting better.

This next generation of new devices and features are driven by advancements in AI and our vision of ambient intelligence. They’ll change the way you interact with your home.”

Here are some of the new devices and features unveiled, some available for pre-order:

Alexa & Echo: An upgraded, AI-powered Alexa is based on a new large language model that’s been custom-built and specifically optimized for voice interactions, and the things customers love—getting real-time information, efficient smart home control, and maximizing their home entertainment. Soon, customers in the US will be able to preview some of the capabilities enabled by generative AI by saying, “Alexa, let’s chat” to Echo devices they already own.

Alexa Features: Making life more accessible, safe, and entertaining with Alexa without lifting a finger.

Eye Gaze Mode: Instead of using voice or touch, customers with speech or mobility disabilities can gaze at their tablet to perform pre-set Alexa actions like playing music and shows, control their home environment, and even call loved ones—entirely hands, and voice, free. It will be available at no additional cost later this year on Fire Max 11 Tablets in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan.

Call Translation: Alexa audio and video calls can be translated in real time, allowing participants to break down language barriers and communicate more effectively. It will launch to Echo Show and Alexa mobile app customers in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain later this year in over 10 languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Game Start Routines: Create custom Routines that are automatically initiated when your favourite team’s game begins. One can choose from over 1,300 teams across college and professional sports leagues, including the NFL, WNBA, MLS and MLB to get started.

Email to Alexa: Have Alexa help manage the family calendar. Just send an email, invite, or photo of an event directly to Alexa, which will then extract the event details, add it to one’s calendar, and send the person a confirmation.

AI Art on Fire TV: Soon, customers will be able to create AI-generated artwork on Fire TV device with just voice and imagination. (See the full list of updates coming to Alexa.)

Echo Frames: Smart glasses that lets one take Alexa on the go. The all-new Echo Frames and Carrera Smart Glasses collection combines high-end fashion with Alexa technology, allowing one to call on Alexa for all kinds of everyday activities, from adding to the shopping list to turning off lights. On top of that, the glasses come with premium features. For example, the wearer can play music with just a tap or ask Alexa to easily help you locate lost glasses.

Echo Show 8: A sleek upgrade for video calls and ambient experiences. With its newly centered camera and background noise minimization, the Echo Show 8 was made for even better video calls. It also features custom-built special audio processing technology, creating a wider and more immersive sound experience, plus, room adaption tech that senses the acoustics of the room and fine-tunes playback for optimal sound.

Echo Hub: Helping one control a smart home, Echo Hub is a wall-mountable smart home control panel powered by Alexa, with an eight-inch touch screen and customizable dashboard for all your smart home devices. One can arm the security system, start a Routine, turn on the fan, or change the volume on your Echo, all with a simple tap. One can also view multiple live camera feeds at the same time.

Fire TV: The next generation of Fire TV Stick 4K is nearly 30 percent more powerful than the previous generation and now includes support for Wi-Fi 6. That means fast app starts and smooth, fluid, and vibrant 4K Ultra HD streaming.

Kids & Family: Echo Pop Kids speaker is the smallest Kids smart speaker, with two new character themes. With two new fun designs—Marvel’s Avengers and Disney Princess—kids can wake up with an Avengers-themed alarm sound, or listen to Alexa offer a fun fact from a Disney Princess.

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