Zee News, Bzinga join forces to revolutionize knowledge, entertainment
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7 months ago 01:21:14pm Television

Zee News, Bzinga join forces to revolutionize knowledge, entertainment

New Delhi,28-September-2023, By IBW Team

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In a groundbreaking partnership that promises to elevate the worlds of knowledge, entertainment, and engagement, Zee News, renowned for its credible and unbiased reporting, has joined hands with Bzinga, a prominent gaming universe comprising an app, website, and interactive QR code gameplay accessible via WhatsApp.

This innovative collaboration empowers citizens to leverage their general knowledge and seize opportunities to win rewards conveniently from the comfort of their homes, at any time of the day.

The highly-anticipated quiz made its grand debut on Zee News on September 19th and is set to captivate audiences in the coming weeks. The core concept behind introducing QR codes on the Zee News Channel is to encourage viewers to play and win while staying updated with the latest news reports by answering fun and engaging general knowledge questions. It serves as a catalyst for sparking curiosity, enhancing general knowledge, and promoting lifelong learning among citizens.

As of today, over 5000 enthusiastic citizens have participated in the quiz, marking the beginning of an exciting journey. This strategic alliance aims to inspire Zee News viewers to tap into their general knowledge, immerse themselves in captivating games, and seize the opportunity to win exclusive offers while staying informed with the latest news updates.

Aditi Mallick, Marketing Leader at Bzinga, expressed their passion for making knowledge pursuit accessible and enjoyable. By combining the trusted news reporting of Zee News with the interactive and engaging world of Bzinga’s games and quizzes, they aim to usher in a new era of informed and enlightened citizens, where knowledge enrichment becomes its own reward.

Piyush Rajgarhia, Business Head and Founder of Bzinga, emphasized that this collaboration with Zee News represents their vision to revolutionize how individuals engage with media, fostering knowledge and entertainment through forward-thinking approaches.

Anindya Khare, Marketing Head of Zee Media Corporation Limited, underscored the importance of knowledge enhancement in today’s information-rich era. This collaboration aims to elevate viewers’ daily experiences by seamlessly integrating learning into their routines, redefining media dynamics, and fostering deeper connections with the audience.

Abhay Ojha, CEO of Zee Media Corporation Limited, highlighted that the union of Zee News and Bzinga signifies their commitment to redefine the media landscape. They are not only expanding their reach but also expanding minds, nurturing curiosity, and creating more informed and engaged citizens. Their goal is to provide viewers with an enriching experience that combines the latest news updates with interactive learning and entertainment.

Furthermore, Bzinga has forged partnerships with esteemed brands such as Infinix, Zoomiez, Kica Active, Skate Supply India, Myntra, and Skullcandy as its gifting partners. These collaborations will present winners with exclusive offers, enhancing the gaming experience.

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