WBD to premiere ‘Ananth Anaadih Vadnagar’ on June 7
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WBD to premiere ‘Ananth Anaadih Vadnagar’ on June 7

New Delhi, 27-May-2023, By IBW Team

WBD to premiere ‘Ananth Anaadih Vadnagar’ on June 7

Vadnagar, located in Gujarat’s Mehsana district, stands as a captivating example of a city woven intricately into a rich urban tapestry, shaped and molded over centuries. Its profound historical significance and enduring legacy have stood the test of time, evoking unparalleled admiration.

Building upon this timeless allure, Warner Bros. Discovery is set to enthrall audiences with the premier of the two-part docuseries, ‘Ananth Anaadih Vadnagar’, on June 7.

The dedicated team behind the docuseries embarks on an extraordinary excavation journey in collaboration with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the Gujarat State Survey, and prestigious universities.

Their mission: to unearth and reveal extraordinary archaeological evidence that will captivate viewers in this riveting series.

The series, hosted by seasoned host Manoj Muntashir Shukla, weaves together the story of this eternal city through the ages, bringing to life its people, structures, and events through expert interviews and state-of-the-art 3D visual effects reconstructions.

The captivating docuseries explores the enduring history of India’s fortified city where each episode delves into a specific era, beginning with Vadnagar’s evolution from a modest settlement to a prominent town during the Mauryan Era. The Indo-Greeks constructed imposing fortifications in the 1st Century BCE, while Buddhism thrived with the discovery of numerous monasteries.

Vadnagar’s significance as a trade hub grew through coin mints, various industries, and buzzing marketplaces proving the continued significance of Vadnagar as centre for commerce and trade in Gujarat during ancient and medieval periods. The series also reveals the settlement of Nagar Brahmins from the Hindukush, the amalgamation of faiths, and Vadnagar’s resilience in the face of arid conditions.

It explores invasions, the rebuilding of the Hatkeshwar temple, and the city’s embrace of modernity under the Gaekwad Era. Recent excavations indicate Vadnagar’s existence predates the Mauryan era, further solidifying its remarkable 3000-year history.

Manoj Muntashir Shukla said, “The opportunity of hosting this docuseries has been a uniquely reassuring and a learning experience for me, and for that, I am truly grateful to Warner Bros. Discovery. This project marks my first collaboration with them. Despite Vadnagar’s widespread recognition, there were numerous fascinating aspects about the city that remained unknown to me, and I am confident that there will also be revelations for many people in India. The discoveries made in the docuseries took me by surprise and I cannot wait for viewers to explore this untold narrative and be equally surprised.

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