Scaler partners with Parithabagal for Tamil web series 'Codeyil Iruvar'
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Scaler partners with Parithabagal for Tamil web series ‘Codeyil Iruvar’

New Delhi, 27-February-2024, By IBW Team

Codeyil Iruvar

Scaler, in collaboration with Parithabagal, a prominent Tamil language YouTube entertainment channel, has unveiled a new web series titled ‘Codeyil Iruvar.’

The six-part series, directed and written by Sahit Anand, aims to engage and entertain young audiences through an engaging and humorous narrative.

The show follows the adventures of two friends, Gopi and Sudhakar, as they navigate life’s challenges with wit and humor while pursuing their start-up dreams.

The storyline unfolds against the backdrop of the friends’ journey from a rural village to Bengaluru, where they chase their entrepreneurial aspirations. ‘Codeyil Iruvar’ emphasizes Scaler’s commitment to promoting skills over degrees in the current economy.

Rahul Karthikeyan, Chief Marketing Officer at Scaler, expressed the significance of connecting with diverse audiences in Tamil Nadu. He mentioned that learners from the region are strongly intertwined with the local culture, necessitating engagement through content that resonates with their lives. Karthikeyan highlighted the collaboration with Parithabagal as an effective means to create culturally relevant content and build robust engagement.

Tamil Nadu stands out as a critical market for Scaler, and leveraging Parithabagal’s creativity and reach aligns to strengthen the company’s presence in the region. The series is expected to connect with audiences through storytelling that celebrates entrepreneurship and ingenuity.

Gopi and Sudhakar from Parithabagal expressed excitement about venturing into a long-format brand show for the first time. They found the concept relatable to their journey and appreciated the collaboration with the Scaler team to bring the series to life.

The web series, was developed by Scaler and Do. Creative Labs is set to premiere on the Parithabagal YouTube Channel on February 24, 2024, with new episodes released every fifth day. The collaboration reflects Scaler’s effort to engage audiences through longer-form regional content, enhancing its market presence and connecting with learners in Tamil Nadu.

Sahit Anand from Do. Creative Labs shared insights into ‘Codeyil Iruvar,’ describing it as a labor of love. The limited series portrays the journey of Gopi and Sudhakar from a small town in Tamil Nadu, attempting to establish the next billion-dollar company. Anand emphasized the balance of humor and heart in the storytelling, creating engaging characters and a redemption story that resonates with the audience.

The release of the web series follows Scaler’s successful production of regional content in languages such as Marathi and Telugu, showcasing the company’s commitment to diverse and thought-provoking storytelling.

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