Prime Video aims to become the ultimate entertainment destination
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7 months ago 01:57:54pm Television

Prime Video aims to become the ultimate entertainment destination

New Delhi,03-October-2023, By IBW Team

Prime Video

In a captivating fireside conversation at the APOS Bali 2023 event, organized by Media Partners Asia (MPA), Kelly Day, Vice President of International at Prime Video, provided insights into Prime Video’s customer-centric strategy on a global scale. Day emphasized three essential pillars driving Prime Video’s mission: content selection, convenience, and value, all of which set the streaming giant apart in the competitive entertainment industry.

Kelly Day emphasized that Prime Video aims to be the go-to entertainment destination for customers, offering a comprehensive range of content from various sources.

This includes not only content produced by Prime Video itself but also collaborations with other studios and streaming partners such as Paramount+, HBO Max, Starz, and BritBox. Prime Video Channels, TVOD Store, fast channels, linear channels, and AVOD channels are all part of their extensive content library, ensuring a diverse selection for viewers.

Day stated, “We’re really trying to deliver the maximum selection possible.”

Prime Video has been actively investing in Original content, with a notable surge since early 2022. The streaming service has launched a staggering 280 local Original titles across 25 countries, enriching its content library. Additionally, Prime Video collaborates with over 500 channel partners worldwide, further enhancing the value it offers to its customers.

Kelly Day stressed the importance of tailoring content to individual regions to create a localized experience. She stated, “We do not want our customers to see Prime Video as one homogenized, global service.” Prime Video aims to provide a local feel while leveraging its technology platform and global content offerings. Examples in this context include their significant investments in building authentic local content in Japan and India.

Original content remains a key growth driver for Prime Video, with titles like “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” “The Wheel of Time,” “Reacher,” “Citadel,” and “Jack Ryan” resonating with Prime customers globally. This compelling content serves as a magnet to draw viewers into the Prime Video ecosystem, where they can explore a vast library of licensed content.

Kelly Day sees immense potential in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, with a growing subscriber base driven by high-quality content from Asia. Japanese Originals, Indian movies and series, Korean dramas, and more have gained popularity not only in local markets but also across the world. International content from Spain and Argentina is also finding favor with customers in English-speaking markets.
Japan and India were identified as key growth drivers in the APAC region. While Japan represents one of Prime Video’s most mature markets, India has experienced significant growth in recent years. In other APAC markets, Prime Video is still in its early stages but is poised for expansion.

In closing, Kelly Day reiterated Prime Video’s vision: “We really want to be a singular entertainment destination where customers can find amazing content at an incredible value, great price, in the convenience of really having one place to go. We want to deliver a very personalized experience with an easy-to-use, single billing application that just makes it easy for customers to navigate everything that’s out there and find something worth watching.”

Prime Video’s commitment to content diversity, convenience, and value sets the stage for its continued growth as a global entertainment powerhouse.

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