Gadkari makes impassioned plea on road safety at TV9 summit
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Gadkari makes impassioned plea on road safety at TV9 summit

New Delhi, 21-December-2022, By IBW Team

Gadkari makes impassioned plea on road safety at TV9 summit

Road accidents can be reduced through policy, implementation, and education, said Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and Highways, while speaking at the TV9 Network Road to Safety Summit.

“We need changes in road and automobile engineering to ensure road safety. Furthermore, emergency response infrastructure can help to mitigate the effects of road accidents. From helicopter availability to airlift accident victims in critical cases, to ambulances equipped with metal cutters for road accidents in remote areas, we are focused on emergency care,” the minister said at the TV9 event, sponsored by Continental Tires.

“The media can play a critical role in educating people about the dangers of flouting road safety rules,” he added.

According to the minister, the Ministry has invited celebrities from the film industry and sports personalities to raise citizen awareness about road safety.

People must value their lives in addition to technological intervention. Citizens should follow lane driving rules and avoid using mobile devices, he said, while asking the media to keep a close eye on his ministry’s activities.

As per a press release from TV9 Network, the news network has been collaborating with various stakeholders in the road transport sector through award-winning social cause initiatives such as Suraksha Bandhan and Highway Heroes, as well as recognition series such as Leaders of Road Transport Awards.

TV9 Network is continuing to sharpen its focus on the road transport industry and is now all set to highlight the larger cause of road safety.

With the growth of the automobile industry, an increasing number of Indians have purchased two and four-wheelers. At the same time, the country’s road network has expanded significantly, providing millions of Indians with unparalleled mobility. While the expansion is commendable, it brings with it its own set of issues, including accidents in the absence of enforcement, low awareness among riders and motorists, and occasional non-compliance.

“Our country is embracing momentous mobility, but on the downside, there is a specter of road fatalities,” said Barun Das, Managing Director and CEO of TV9 Network.

“The current transportation system has shortened distances while also increasing life risks. India has the highest number of road accidents in the world. I agree with Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, when he says that road fatalities are a greater epidemic than COVID-19.

“Despite having the lowest motor density, we must shed the number one spot for the most road accident fatalities in the world.

“As the Fourth Estate, we can take on the responsibility of informing and involving 1.4 billion Indians in realizing the minister’s vision,” he added.

Das said that the TV9 Network Road to Safety Summit, sponsored by Continental Tires, is just the beginning and that there is still a long way to go in ensuring road safety.

According to Samir Gupta, Head of Central Region, BA Tires APAC, and MD of Continental Tires India, a country’s transportation system is the foundation of its economy.

“Road transport accounts for 4.5 percent of India’s GDP. Policy decisions are guided by two main goals, according to the honorable Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Mr. Nitin Gadkari: logistical efficiency and safe mobility. Continental Tires supports these initiatives. Using technology in tires is a significant step toward improving vehicle safety and aligning with our Vision Zero: Zero Fatalities goal. There were no injuries. There were no crashes. The summit is only the starting point. My advice for driving safety is ‘engine on, phone off’,” Gupta added.

“TV9 Network has been at the forefront of highlighting issues that impact the common man,” said Raktim Das, Chief Growth Officer, Digital and Broadcast, TV9 Network, “While the government has taken concerted efforts to make our roads safer, we believe it is also our responsibility as a responsible media outlet to mainstream this discourse and raise public awareness. One such quest is the Road to Safety Summit, presented by Continental Tires.”

“We intend to seed it within the DNA of each individual to make road safety their primary duty,” he said, stating that the summit is an attempt to call on motorists and riders to follow safety norms as responsible citizens.

The Summit included a panel discussion titled “Steering to Safety: India Tightens its Belt,” which included industry heavyweights like Chirag Katira, General Secretary, All India Motor Transport Congress; Rohit Baluja, President, Institute of Road Safety Education; and Samir Gupta, Head of Central Region, BA Tires APAC, MD, Continental Tires India, discussing initiatives taken by the automobile ecosystem to make our roads safer.

Former Indian cricketers Murli Karthik and Amit Bhandari; Surinder Singh Yadav, Special Commissioner, Traffic, Delhi Police and Abhilash Thapliyal, Actor spoke on the importance of maintaining sincerity when it comes to road safety in the “Don’t Cross the Line” panel discussion.

Notable crusaders, including Raghvendra Kumar, popularly known as the Helmet Man of India; Manoj Wadhwa, who led the cause of filling potholes; Doris Francis, the traffic heroine of Ghaziabad; Chandrashekhar Narayan Mohite, who identifies black spots to prevent road accidents; and Sandeep Shahi, Head Constable Delhi Police, Delhi’s helmet cop, were felicitated by Gadkari for devoting their lives to the prime cause of road safety.

This edition of the TV9 Network Road Safety Summit, presented by Continental Tires, is part of TV9 Network’s ongoing relationship with the road transportation industry.

In June 2022, TV9 Network established the Leaders of Road Transport Awards, which recognized business leaders in the sector, and in August 2022, in Surakshabandhan, where health coverage was provided to over 10,000 truck drivers in the country.

The TV9 Network Road to Safety Summit was held on December 19 in New Delhi.

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