EnrichTV, Master Del Pe join forces for holistic transformation
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7 months ago 06:00:36am Television

EnrichTV, Master Del Pe join forces for holistic transformation

New Delhi,12-October-2023, By IBW Team

EnrichTV, Master Del Pe join forces for holistic transformation

Satellite TV channel and OTT platform, dedicated to fostering holistic success and life mastery, EnrichTV,  has announced an exciting collaboration with the internationally acclaimed spiritual master and healing guru Master Del Pe.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in EnrichTV’s mission to provide users with a comprehensive guide to achieving a fulfilling life, solidifying the channel’s position as a beacon of hope and inspiration, the company said in a press release yesterday.

Master Del Pe, with his multifaceted background and expertise, is not only a spiritual master but also a miraculous healer, an expert in all things esoteric, a divine alchemist, a spiritual technologist, a martial arts master, a world-renowned expert in 12 styles of meditation, an engineer, and a social transformer. He is often referred to as a spiritual entrepreneur, promoting the philosophy of ‘flying high with 2 big wings – spiritual and material’, the media statement added.

With an impressive portfolio of 12 books on self-care, self-development, and self-mastery, he has designed over 200 courses through his organizations: BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness, Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement, and the World Institute for Incurable Diseases. Master Del Pe has left a positive mark on the lives of over 400,000 clients across the globe, having traveled to more than 100 countries, the EnrichTV statement said.

The collaboration between EnrichTV and Master Del Pe promises to empower audiences with access to live training sessions, both paid and free online healing sessions, as well as the opportunity to explore a synergistic blend of courses, events, workshops, retreats, and coaching sessions. Master Del Pe’s profound wisdom, healing expertise, and esoteric knowledge will now be accessible on EnrichTV, enhancing the platform’s already diverse content.

Master Del Pe in a statement stated, “I am thrilled to join forces with EnrichTV to bring holistic wisdom and transformative experiences to a global audience. EnrichTV shares our vision of making knowledge accessible to all, and together, we will empower millions to unlock their full potential, aiming to bring true success, balance, fulfillment, enlightenment, and longevity.”

Kirit Mehta, Founder & Managing Director of EnrichTV and former founder and promoter of Aastha TV, added, “At EnrichTV, we believe in the power of education and transformation. Master Del Pe’s teachings align perfectly with our mission, and we are excited to host this extraordinary collaboration. It’s a unique opportunity for our audience to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.”

Bhakti Mehta, Co-Founder and CEO at EnrichTV, added, “We proudly stand as the pioneers of the world’s premier television channel and a global hub dedicated to coaching, mentoring, motivation, and empowerment.

“Our guiding principle, ‘Dream. Believe. Achieve.,’ in partnership with Master Del Pe, drives our mission to leave an indelible mark on the lives of more than one billion people. EnrichTV breaks free from traditional education, introducing a ground-breaking digital resource designed to awaken your latent potential and set free the inner greatness within you.”

To further enhance the learning experience, EnrichTV has introduced a revolutionary mobile application, currently available on Jio Store and Play Store, with plans for an iOS release shortly. This app empowers individuals to access the wisdom and teachings of world leaders, spiritual gurus, and experts from various fields anytime and anywhere.

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