TV viewing surges; pay TV HH viewership up 7%; women 59% of total base
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TV viewing surges; pay TV HH viewership up 7%; women 59% of total base

New Delhi, 06-December – 2023, By IBW Team

TV viewing surges; pay TV HH viewership up 7%; women 59% of total base

India’s linear and pay television, beating predictions of naysayers and an onslaught of streaming platforms, is very much alive — and thriving. A set of data released yesterday by IBDF, an industry body, proves the point.

The Indian Broadcasting & Digital Foundation (IBDF) said that in a compelling testament to the enduring allure of television, viewers in India are dedicating an additional 53 minutes per week to watching TV compared to the previous year.

This significant increase signals heightened engagement and a reinforced connection with the medium, defying trends in evolving media consumption.

In a dynamic content consumption landscape, Indian television not only holds its ground but also thrives, IBDF said in a statement, adding that it showed a notable 5.1 percent growth in year-to-date data for FY’24, which emphasises TV’s enduring appeal and solidifies its position as the preferred medium for a diverse audience.

The set of data released by IBDF, based on numbers from Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India, also highlights that the category of younger audiences, in the age group of 15-30 years, has, in fact, seen a higher growth in TV viewership compared to the overall average with growth in viewership seen across all economic strata and markets, reaffirming television’s appeal across diverse age groups.

This growth surpasses specific regions or language segments and extends to the majority of language markets, accounting for 87 percent of the Indian TV population.

A standout trend is the significant contribution of Indian women to television’s growth, with an impressive 59 percent contribution to the overall TV viewership growth. This highlights their pivotal role as key influencers and consumers shaping television viewership trends, IBDF stressed.

Deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of India, television continues to be a unifying force, bringing families together. With a massive 70 percent penetration and headroom for further growth (90 million

households), television remains the largest reach medium, inspiring and entertaining countless families.

A notable 7 percent increase in pay household viewership, with 5.8 million households transitioning from free-to-air (FTA) to pay, showcases the magnetic pull of quality programming, said the industry body, comprising major TV broadcasters as member-companies.

Television viewership growth transcends economic strata and town classes, demonstrating its inclusive nature. This growth is observed across NCCS A, B, C, DE, and various town categories, including metros, large cities, smaller towns, and rural areas.

  1. Madhavan, President of IBDF and Country Manager & President of Disney India and Star India, opined, “The impressive rise in television viewership underscores India as one of the few international markets witnessing consistent television growth, in spite of digital media’s rapid expansion.

“In today’s ‘AND’ world, where digital media excels in precise targeting and immediate rewards, television maintains its distinct advantage in the realm of long-term brand building. Television creates compelling stories that deeply connect with its audience, building trust and leaving an indelible mark across age groups.”

IBDF says its members provide channels and programmes that deliver about 90 percent of television viewership in India.

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