Times Now, Times Now Navbharat unveils extensive programming line-up for 2024 general elections
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4 weeks ago 06:00:36am Television

Times Now, Times Now Navbharat unveils extensive programming line-up for 2024 general elections

New Delhi, 24-April-2024, By IBW Team

Times Now

With the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections looming, Times Network’s flagship English and Hindi news channels, Times Now and Times Now Navbharat, unveil a comprehensive array of programs to keep viewers informed and engaged throughout the electoral journey, the channel said in a press release.

Holistic Coverage: Under the themes of ‘MANDATE 2024’ for Times Now and ‘Jan Gan ka Mann’ for Times Now Navbharat, the channels promise unparalleled coverage, offering viewers insightful analysis, real-time updates, and authentic voices from the ground.

Key Programs on Times Now:

Election Yatra: This unique initiative, conducted through a state-of-the-art mobile studio, traverses various states, engaging with local communities and personalities to provide in-depth insights. Airing daily at 5pm, Election Yatra brings real-time stories from across the nation.
Election Premier League: Revolutionizing election coverage, this show at 6:30pm offers an immersive experience akin to a sporting event, with on-ground coverage of engaging stories and authentic voices.
Politics First: A weekend show at 11:30am, offering comprehensive analysis and spotlighting political stories that truly matter, empowering viewers with knowledge and insights.
National Debate: Airing at 8pm, this election-specific program delves deep into defining political issues, encouraging critical thinking and active engagement.
Public Manch: A dynamic program featuring influential personalities discussing youth-centric issues, airing on Fridays at 9pm.
Blueprint Explosive Exclusive: A high-impact investigative news show at 6pm focusing on exclusive stories related to the elections.
Nation Wants To Know: Delving into the heart of election news with incisive analysis, airing at 7pm.
News Pulse: A powerhouse news bulletin offering compelling stories from across states, airing at 7:30pm.
India Upfront: Led by Padmaja Joshi at 8pm, this show provides an unfiltered, unbiased perspective on pressing issues.
The Newshour: Airing at 9pm, this program unravels the day’s headlines with depth and nuance.
The Newshour: Agenda: A debate-driven program at 10pm, offering conclusive standpoints on pressing issues.
Access: A show shadowing political contenders on their campaign trail, airing on Saturdays and Sundays.
Programming Line-Up on Times Now Navbharat:

Prime at 4: Offering insightful analysis and expert commentary on crucial developments in the political landscape.
Desh Ka Mood Meter: Hosted by Ranjit Kumar at 6pm, providing a real-time pulse check of the nation’s mood through audience polls and panel discussions.
Big And Bold: Capturing the day’s significant stories with depth and clarity at 7pm.
Election Yatra: Offering comprehensive on-the-ground coverage of the electoral process, airing at 5pm.
Sawaal Public Ka: Airing at 8pm, this program fuels the quest for truth through fiery discussions.
News Ki Pathshala: Hosted by Sushant Sinha at 9pm, breaking down the day’s biggest stories in an engaging format.

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