PTC Network's music Rising Star Awards 2024 honors emerging talent
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3 months ago 01:07:39pm Television

PTC Network’s music Rising Star Awards 2024 honors emerging talent

New Delhi, 06-May-2024, By IBW Team

PTC Network

The stage was set aglow at the Wyndham Chandigarh Mohali as the prestigious PTC Music Rising Star Awards 2024, hosted by the esteemed PTC Network, unfolded in a dazzling celebration of emerging musical talents from Punjab, Haryana, Hindi, and Kashmiri music scenes.

This grand event, held on May 4, stood as a testament to the rich diversity and vibrant creativity of the region’s music industry.

Amidst an atmosphere charged with excitement and anticipation, rising stars like Davy, Vicky, Chandra Brar, and Sargi Maan, among others, were hailed for their outstanding contributions to the music landscape. Their eclectic talents, spanning various styles and genres, captivated audiences with their distinctive sounds and captivating performances.

Drawing a constellation of stars, the event welcomed luminaries from the Punjabi entertainment industry, including Amar Noorie, Bai Amarjit, and Preet Harpal, who graced the occasion with their presence, adding to the glamour and significance of the evening.

The highlight of the gala was undoubtedly the electrifying performances by the winners themselves. From the soulful melodies of GD Kaur to the high-energy beats of Bunny Johal, each act illuminated the stage, leaving the audience enthralled and yearning for more.

Rabindra Narayan, Managing Director and President of PTC Network, expressed his fervent enthusiasm for the event, emphasizing its pivotal role in providing a global platform for emerging talent to shine. He reiterated PTC Network’s unwavering commitment to nurturing and promoting young artists, ensuring they receive the recognition and support they rightfully deserve.

The excitement of the evening transcended borders as the Music Rising Star Awards 2024 was broadcasted globally on May 4 at 9 pm on ‘PTC PUNJABI’. This worldwide telecast allowed music enthusiasts from every corner of the globe to witness the magic and talent showcased at this extraordinary event.

As the curtains drew to a close on the Music Rising Star Awards 2024, it left behind an aura of inspiration and anticipation for the bright future that awaits these rising stars. PTC Network’s steadfast dedication to fostering emerging talent in the music industry continues to shine brightly, promising an exhilarating journey ahead for the next generation of musical luminaries.

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