News18 Tamil Nadu's 'My Vote My Right' campaign mobilizes record
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News18 Tamil Nadu’s ‘My Vote My Right’ campaign mobilizes record

New Delhi, 13-April-2024, By IBW Team

My Vote My Right

In a remarkable demonstration of civic engagement, News18 Tamil Nadu‘s ‘My Vote My Right’ campaign has concluded with unprecedented participation from first-time voters, surpassing expectations and setting a new milestone in Tamil Nadu’s electoral landscape.

According to a press release, the campaign, spanning 40 days and covering 40 constituencies across Tamil Nadu, aimed to empower and motivate first-time voters to actively partake in the democratic process.

Today, it proudly announces the collection of over 5,30,440 signed documents from enthusiastic first-time voters, hailing from 160 colleges across the state.

Spearheaded by S. Karthigaichelvan, Editor of News18 Tamil Nadu, the campaign reached its zenith on April 12th with a grand finale attended by eminent dignitaries including Satyabrata Sahoo, Chief Electoral Officer of Tamil Nadu, and J. Radhakrishnan IAS, Commissioner of Greater Chennai Corporation. The event also witnessed the presence of popular actor Vishal, adding star power to the noble cause.

Chief Electoral Officer Satyabrata Sahoo lauded the initiative, emphasizing its pivotal role in mobilizing youth participation in the democratic process. He announced a significant milestone in Tamil Nadu’s electoral history, with a staggering 11 lakh first-time voters aged between 18 to 19 years, marking a promising shift towards inclusive governance.

Actor Vishal, addressing the audience, extended his heartfelt congratulations to the News18 team for their commendable efforts. He stressed the importance of youth involvement in shaping the future of Tamil Nadu and urged students to exercise their franchise diligently on April 19th, recognizing the profound impact of their voices in steering the state’s destiny.

The ‘My Vote My Right’ campaign stands not only as a testament to News18 Tamil Nadu’s commitment to journalistic integrity but also as a beacon of hope for a vibrant and participatory democracy in Tamil Nadu.

For further updates on the electoral landscape and initiatives fostering democratic engagement, stay tuned to News18 Tamil Nadu.

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