News18 Mega opinion poll 2024: BJP-led NDA poised for historic victory
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3 months ago 06:00:22am Television

News18 Mega opinion poll 2024: BJP-led NDA poised for historic victory

New Delhi, 16-March-2024, By IBW Team

News18 Mega

The latest News18 Mega Opinion Poll for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections has unveiled staggering projections, indicating a resounding victory for the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and significant setbacks for the opposition bloc INDIA.

Conducted across 518 Lok Sabha constituencies in 21 major states, the News18 Mega Opinion Poll boasts the largest sample size in India’s opinion polling history, comprising over 1,18,616 respondents, representing 95% of Lok Sabha constituencies, the channel said in a press release.

According to the poll, the NDA is on track to secure a historic mandate, with projections indicating a landslide victory of 411 seats out of the 543-member Lok Sabha.

The BJP alone is expected to clinch a record-breaking 350 seats, with the remaining NDA constituents, including JD(U) and TDP, set to win 61 seats.

The survey highlights the NDA’s dominance across various regions, particularly in the Hindi heartland states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh, where it is projected to sweep a substantial number of seats. Additionally, significant gains are forecasted in states like Karnataka, Odisha, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh, signifying the BJP’s growing influence beyond its traditional strongholds.

Conversely, the opinion poll predicts a dismal performance for the opposition INDIA bloc, comprising major non-BJP parties, including Congress. Projections suggest that the INDIA bloc is expected to secure only 105 seats in the lower house, with Congress managing to secure just 49 seats, potentially marking one of its worst performances in Lok Sabha polls.

In Uttar Pradesh, the most crucial political state, the BJP-led NDA is poised to sweep a record 77 out of 80 seats, with the INDIA alliance lagging far behind with only 2 seats projected. Similarly, in Bihar, the NDA is forecasted to secure 38 out of 40 seats, reaffirming its stronghold in the state.

In other key battlegrounds like Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, and Kerala, the BJP is projected to maintain its dominance, replicating or surpassing its 2019 performance.

The opinion poll also predicts significant gains for the BJP in states like West Bengal and Telangana, indicating a growing presence and influence in these regions.

If the projections hold true, the 2024 Lok Sabha elections could witness a historic mandate in favor of the BJP-led NDA, reaffirming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity and the party’s political prowess on the national stage.

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