News18 India’s Open Mic Chhattisgarh conclave concludes on a high note
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News18 India’s Open Mic Chhattisgarh conclave concludes on a high note

New Delhi, 14-June-2023, By IBW Team

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The second edition of News18 India Open Mic in Chhattisgarh was a success, according to the Hindi news channel.

The conclave provided a forum for celebrating Chhattisgarh’s exceptional achievements while also encouraging engaging conversations and thought-provoking debates.

While speaking at the event, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel discussed the state’s decision on the Chief Ministerial candidate for the upcoming assembly elections.

He also chastised the Bharatiya Janata Party for alleged double standards, emphasizing the Chhattisgarh government’s commitment to uplifting marginalized sections of society through initiatives such as free electricity.

Baghel emphasized the critical importance of using government funds to support people’s welfare, especially during difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Baghel added, “I represent two identities: as a ‘Chhattisgarhiya’ and a ‘Congressi’. We firmly believe in Lord Shree Ram and are dedicated to maintaining harmony. We denounce any chaos caused in the name of Bajrangbali. Our efforts go beyond providing training and unemployment allowances; our primary focus is to create ample employment opportunities for the talented youth of our state.”

Mohammad Akbar, Minister of Forest and Climate Change, Transport, Housing and Environment, and Law, Chhattisgarh, focused on promoting religious unity and refrained from commenting on controversial topics. Instead, he shared his experiences during his election journey, emphasizing Hindu-Muslim unity in his assembly constituency of Kawardha.

Anila Bhendia, Minister of Child and Women Welfare in Chhattisgarh, thanked her family and husband for their support during her journey to becoming an MLA and minister.

She emphasized the positive effects of her tenure, such as a significant reduction in anaemia among women and addressing the issue of child malnutrition.

The conclave showcased a diverse group of inspiring individuals who shared their remarkable journeys and experiences. Sumedha Karmahe, an accomplished vocalist who began her career with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, captivated the audience with her rendition of “Chhoti Si Pyaari Si Nanhi Si.” She discussed the challenges of transitioning from a small town to Mumbai and reminisced about her childhood. The popular YouTube sensation Sahdev Dirdo opened up about his incredible journey and the remarkable collaboration he has had with the renowned artist, Badshah.

Veena Sendre, Miss Trans Queen India, shared her journey of self-acceptance and embracing her transgender identity. She shed light on the struggles faced by the LGBTQ community in a patriarchal society, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and understanding, while expressing her profound love for Chhattisgarh and its people.

Harpreet Singh Bhatia, an accomplished cricketer, spoke about how he drew inspiration from Sourav Ganguly and nostalgically mentioned his childhood decision to bat left-handed. Grateful for the opportunities he has got in the Indian Premier League (IPL), he reflected on watching India-Australia matches during his formative years.

Chitrasen Sahu, the celebrated mountaineer, shared his extraordinary achievements, including conquering Aconcagua, the highest peak of the South American continent, with both artificial legs. He narrated his journey from a life-changing accident to his pursuit of mountaineering, which instilled a sense of freedom and confidence within him.

Omkar Das Manikpur delivered a captivating speech, sharing his inspiring journey of becoming a stage actor, discussing the challenges he encountered, and the transformative power of pursuing one’s passion.

The event highlighted the rich cultural heritage of Chhattisgarh, celebrating what makes the state unique and special. It was an exciting and meaningful gathering that brought together people from different backgrounds, creating a space where they could share their inspiring stories and meaningful experiences, and find support and understanding

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