Liz Truss supports India for UN Security Council permanent seat at 'Ideas of India' summit in Mumbai
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1 year ago 12:59:47pm Television

Liz Truss supports India for UN Security Council permanent seat at ‘Ideas of India’ summit in Mumbai

New Delhi, 25-February-2023, By IBW Team


Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss believes India should play a larger role as a key global player and become a permanent member of the UN Security Council. On her first visit to Mumbai, she spoke at the ABP Networks “Ideas of India” summit on Friday morning, emphasizing the need for a rethinking of the UN Security Council and advocating for India to play a larger role in the world body.

Britain’s shortest-serving Prime Minister, lasting only 45 days, Truss claimed the free world is in danger recalling the reality of the war between Russia and Ukraine and insisted “We need to learn lessons. We must not take liberty for granted.”

In response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Truss stated that Ukraine’s NATO membership should be expedited. “In terms of freedom and democracy, we must be proactive. Our adversaries, such as China and Russia, excel at promoting their economic models. They use misinformation and technology to communicate in all kinds of ways to the world,” she said and alleged that both use the power of economic coercion to try and influence the way people think.

Lizz Truss slammed China for its anti-Taiwan moves, and President Xi Jinping plans to unite China, with Taiwan under Chinese control. Truss stated, “I want to see free democracies working together,” adding that “India has a huge role to play. India is a world leader. India, the world’s largest democracy, population powerhouse, and economic powerhouse, understands the true threat that China poses.”

As the world’s largest democracy, India’s voice, according to UK Conservative Party leader Liz Truss, will be “incredibly important.”

“As a country that believes in freedom, democracy, and self-determination, India’s voice on the global stage will be critical in the coming years.”

Mumbi’s energy and excitement captivated Madam Truss. “What I’ve seen since I’ve been here is more energy, excitement, and momentum,” she said, adding, “In Western Europe, we envy India.”

She saw India as the greatest hope for the future, a rapidly growing free democracy, a country of pluralism, a country where free speech and the ability to get things done are constantly improving.

Truss reaffirmed India’s position as an emerging global economic superpower, saying the country must make its case and fight back against capitalism. “We need to work more closely on economic and security issues to deepen our relationship with India,” she said. She praised India’s development efforts and stated that the UK should follow India’s lead in infrastructure development.

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