LinkedIn unveils generative AI-based tools for B2B marketers
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LinkedIn unveils generative AI-based tools for B2B marketers

New Delhi, 10-June-2023, By IBW Team


In the face of global macroeconomic uncertainty, B2B marketers must make difficult decisions about their investment strategies.

However, according to a recent B2B Marketing Benchmark conducted by LinkedIn, despite the challenges, an overwhelming majority of these marketers, 86 percent to be exact, remain optimistic or confident about their roles.

LinkedIn‘s B2B Marketing Benchmark study also reveals several noteworthy global findings. To begin, 60 percent of B2B Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are optimistic about marketing’s ability to drive revenue in the coming year.

Furthermore, roughly two-thirds of B2B Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and CFOs agree that the CMO’s importance in the eyes of the C-suite has increased. This reflects a growing recognition of the critical role that marketing professionals play in achieving organizational goals.

Another significant finding from the study is that 80% of B2B CMOs have become acquainted with financial terminology, indicating a desire to bridge the gap between marketing and financial aspects.

Furthermore, 65 percent of B2B marketing leaders anticipate budget growth shortly, indicating a positive outlook for increased marketing resources and investment, Financial Express reported.

LinkedIn has unveiled several new products and services to assist B2B marketers during this critical period and enable them to deliver favorable results. These offerings are designed to empower marketers and improve their ability to effectively navigate the current landscape.

One such innovation is AI-generated Copy Suggestions**, an invaluable tool that leverages generative artificial intelligence to aid marketers in prioritizing high-value tasks by creating compelling ad copy and headlines.

Furthermore, LinkedIn introduces the CMO Scorecard, an addition to their B2B Edge consultancy program, which allows marketers to showcase the business impact of paid advertising. This tool enables CMOs to present measurable results to key stakeholders within their organizations.

To optimize paid and organic marketing efforts, B2B marketers can now rely on the B2B Index and B2B Leaderboard to gain valuable insights and learn best practices.

LinkedIn also offers engaging advertising formats such as Thought Leader Ads, Conversation Ads***, and In-Stream Video Ads, enabling marketers to connect with their target audience in more interactive ways.

Additionally, the newly introduced Audience Insights API equips marketers with in-depth knowledge about the buyers and companies they aim to reach, facilitating more personalized and effective marketing strategies.

Lastly, marketers can now engage in one-to-one conversations with buyers through Pages Messaging, fostering direct and meaningful interactions.

With these new products and services, LinkedIn endeavors to equip B2B marketers with the tools and resources necessary to meet the current challenges head-on and achieve their marketing objectives.

**Limited pilot in North America

***Conversation Ads are not available in the EU.

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