BIG FM launches new campaign
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BIG FM launches new campaign

New Delhi, 20-May-2023, By IBW Team


Among the many health hazards affecting the masses today, smoking and tobacco consumption pose a significant threat.

BIG FM launches another purpose-driven initiative, ‘Sutta Chhod De Naa Yaar,’ to raise awareness about its negative effects.

In keeping with its philosophy and in recognition of World No-Tobacco Day, the radio network is taking proactive measures to educate its listeners on the health risks associated with smoking.

As part of the campaign, the brand has created a unique and quirky reality show called ‘Quitsvilla,’ which encourages contestants to quit the potentially fatal habit.

According to a recent study, 5.1 percent of 13-15-year-olds in Maharashtra smoke.

The main focus of ‘Sutta Chhod De Na Yaar’ will be on the role of a friend who can help discourage their friends from smoking.

The reality show ‘QuitsVilla’ will be the ultimate solution to overcome smoking habits, introducing a new and innovative concept. BIG FM RJs will engage the audience by calling for registration for Jimmedar dost jo lega Sutta Quit karwane ki Jimmedari.

The participants will be housed together and monitored for 48 hours as they attempt to quit smoking. Contestants will be put through a series of tasks and activities designed to put their patience and determination to the test.

Many celebrities, motivational speakers, doctors, and psychologists will also provide support and guidance to participants throughout their journey, taking the campaign to the next level.

The winning pair will not only receive gratification but also experience the satisfaction of leaving behind the harmful habit of smoking, thanks to their supportive friend.

Commenting on the campaign, Sunil Kumaran, COO, of BIG FM said, “At BIG FM, our endeavour has always been to curate campaigns that result in actionable outcomes driving a positive change in society. With the ‘Sutta Chhod De Na Yaar’ campaign, we aim to ignite a change and empower people to quit smoking. We believe in the power of friendship and the influence it can have on positive behavioural change. Through this campaign, we want to inspire people to make a healthy choice and provide a platform for friends to support each other in this journey.”

The campaign is led by 4 BIG FM RJs – RJ Abhilash, RJ Vrajesh, RJ Rani and RJ Dilip. Each RJ will explore different aspects of smoking and its effects. The RJs will also share insights in the form of emotional elements, statistics, the motivational aspect and some hard-hitting facts. Throughout the campaign, BIG FM will amplify its message through on-air segments, celebrity interviews, social media engagement, and dedicated digital content, engaging a wide audience and driving meaningful change.

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