Fremantle India aims to be TV industry’s leading green warrior
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1 year ago 06:00:23am Television

Fremantle India aims to be TV industry’s leading green warrior

New Delhi, 19-May-2023, By IBW Team


Over the years, production sets are one of the major causes of carbon emissions harming the environment. While many have tried to change their ways, Fremantle India has gone one step forward and collaborated with Albert, a BAFTA-sponsored non-profit initiative, ensuring that all its film and television production units become eco-friendly and they reach their end goal sooner and more efficiently. 

Founded in 2011, Albert helps global film and television industries produce media with fewer negative environmental effects that promote a sustainable future.

Through this tie-up, Fremantle India has become the first production house in the country to deploy the Albert carbon calculator that tracks emissions caused on a production set and actively helps the screen industry reduce its carbon footprint, a media statement from the production house said.

Lack of awareness or concern, improper disposal of waste, use of diesel-powered generators, single use plastic items, overuse of plastic and paper items have been some of the major causes of pollution in television and film sets. 

Fremantle’s Operations head Rajkumar Patra, while sharing his experience, said, “In my 25 years in this industry, I have worked with different companies and been a part of multiple shoot sets. People were not very aware then, including me, as they are now. Having worked at Fremantle for over a year, I am highly impressed, inspired and now proud of the practices we have implemented and the impact we are creating. I urge other companies to follow suit, ”

In order to drastically reduce carbon emissions on its sets, Fremantle India has put in place a number of new practices, which include replacing plastic water bottles with personal steel bottles; donating leftover food to underprivileged people; replacing heavy volt lights with LEDs; printing scripts on both sides of paper; rechargeable batteries, recycling and reusing set/production material such as cloth, metal, wood and paper; using eco-friendly makeup products, and proper disposal of dry and wet waste and using reusable or bio-degradable cutlery. 

Patra added, “Our conventional ways of conducting shoots used to be carbon heavy. But we have implemented small steps in our everyday lives; be it using digital scripts instead of printing or reducing and segregating waste. Also, by undertaking certain initiatives, like implanting the Albert protocols, we have successfully managed to reduce our carbon footprint substantially. 

“Every step goes a long way, and we are constantly learning, evolving and will be improving our ways with the times, to achieve our sustainability goals for the greater good.”  

Most recently, during the on-going production schedule of the singing reality show ‘Indian Idol’ Season 13, Fremantle India had zero food wastage, 80 percent reduction of paper napkins and 90 percent reduction in paper cups. Additionally, the post production facility was run fully on renewable energy and also the electricity at the contestant hotel was partly powered by solar panels, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. 

Likewise, for the rap show ‘Hustle 2.0’, Fremantle drastically reduced waste sent to the landfills. Out of almost 2000 kg of waste, less than one percent was sent to the landfill. This was after deducting the material sent for recycling, reusing and donations. 

Fremantle is one of the largest and successful creators, producers and distributors of scripted and unscripted content in the world. A global entertainment powerhouse, Fremantle has an outstanding international network of production teams, companies and labels in over 30 countries. Fremantle produces in excess of 12,000 hours of original programming, rolls out more than 70 formats and airs 400 programmes a year worldwide. 

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