'Pet Puraan' highlights theme of coexistence: director Zoting
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‘Pet Puraan’ highlights theme of coexistence: director Zoting

New Delhi, 28-June-2022, By IBW Team

'Pet Puraan' highlights theme of coexistence: director Zoting

A pet completes a family, says director Dnyanesh Zoting, who wanted to put forth the theme of coexistence through his popular Marathi series ‘Pet Puraan’.

Billed as SonyLIV’s first Marathi original series, ‘Pet Puraan’ follows financial analyst Aditi (Sai Tamhankar) and hotel chef Atul (Lalit Prabhakar), a married couple who decide to become pet parents to a rescue dog Vyanku and Baku, a stray cat.

This is not just a story about pets, pointed out Zoting. He said he is already in talks with the streamer for the second season of the show.

“Through this series, I’m putting ahead the theme of coexistence. I believe this is the way to live. These days we are not okay with coexistence, be it living with animals or living with someone of a different race, identity, or gender. Nature has designed the world in a way that there is no other way but to coexist,” Zoting told PTI in an interview.

The project started as a “personal” short story for the director and went on to become a sensitive peek into the lives of urban couples who are not yet ready to have a child.

“In a way, this is a journey my wife and I have experienced. Then, I realised there are many couples who are opting to be pet parents. When I Googled, I found there is a global trend among the millennials to be parents of an animal,” added Zoting, who along with his wife, is a pet parent to a tomcat named Simba.

Through conversations between the characters, the series also ever so lightly trains a lens on topical issues including casteism, ageism, and animal activism.

“Cross-region, cross-culture marriages are normal, especially in a country like ours. If a Punjabi man is married to a Bengali woman, what’s so unusual about it? Our multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism is the beauty. A couple deciding to have or not have children is normal.

“I wanted to put all this through but didn’t want to do it as propaganda. It was a conscious decision to put these points out through pets in a non-political manner,” the director said.

Having a pet is normal in a small town, said Zoting, who believes urbanisation has taken away “this natural feeling” of having an animal at home.

Recalling his childhood in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad, Zoting said his first pet was a goat and later he took in Tipu, a stray dog, sometime after his father’s death.

“It was a tough time for my mother as a single working parent. She thought I’ll probably never make friends. But things changed when we took in a stray dog. He became the reason for our happiness. Tipu was with us for 15 years. ‘Pet Puraan’ is dedicated to him,” the 35-year-old filmmaker, who made his directorial debut with the 2018 Marathi film ‘Raakshas’, added.

For the eight-part series, which premiered in May, he drew inspiration from his own life as well as his peers, many of whom are pet parents.

The director, who said watching ‘Beethoven’ and ‘Hachiko’, two popular films around dogs, inspired him to build a story around pets, also gives a live-action hat-tip to the popular 2007 animated comedy ‘Ratatouille’ through his protagonist’s character.

Sometimes, it is difficult for a director to conceive what the writer has visualised, Zoting said, but since he was handling both these duties, he knew what needed to be done.

“I built the team accordingly. Taking my brother Pushkar as the director of photography was an important decision. Every head of department was told that there have to be at least one-two members in their team who have pets at home. There was no one on the set who didn’t like pets,” Zoting added.

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