ABP Network’s YouTube channels rule news genre globally
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ABP Network’s YouTube channels rule news genre globally

New Delhi, 09-February-2023, By IBW Team

ABP Network’s YouTube channels rule news genre globally

ABP News and ABPLIVE have a collective audience of 59.2 million subscribers worldwide, making ABP Network one of the top subscribed news networks on YouTube, according to Social Blade data.

ABP News has become the second most subscribed news channel in the world on YouTube with 34.2 million subscribers as per data provided by Social Blade.

Both ABP News and ABPLIVE have secured spots in the Global Top 10 rankings, making it a remarkable achievement for the ABP Network, the  company said in a press release.

The ABP Network, a leading news media conglomerate, reached a major milestone on the world’s largest video-sharing platform, YouTube, registering a combined subscriber base of 59.2 million.

According to Social Blade, a global leader in social media analytics, ABP News and ABPLIVE are among the top 10 most-subscribed news channels on YouTube with 35.2 million subscribers for ABP News and 24 million subscribers for ABPLIVE.

ABP News is now the second most subscribed channel in the world on YouTube and ABP Network,the second most subscribed news network, which solidifies its position as a leading player in the media industry globally, the release stated.

With an impressive reach and widespread popularity, ABP News and ABPLIVE have clocked over 19 billion video views in a lifetime — the second highest in India under the news and politics genre, according to Social Blade. The network’s impressive reach is further highlighted by a staggering 122 billion impressions recorded across all its YouTube properties in 2022, as per YouTube Creator Studio.

These figures are a true testament to ABP Network’s commitment to delivering quality content and their success in connecting with the audience.

ABP Network’s regional news channels, including ABP Majha, ABP Ananda, ABP Asmita, and ABP Ganga, are also expanding their reach and providing in-depth and unparalleled news coverage to an ever-growing global audience.

According to Social Blade, ABP Majha is the most-subscribed Marathi news channel, with over 10 million subscribers. ABP Ananda stands strong with over 8 million subscribers and 3 billion+ lifetime views, making it the most-subscribed and most-viewed Bengali news channel. ABP Asmita is also the most-viewed Gujarati news channel, with over 700 million lifetime views.

ABP Network’s commitment to delivering extensive and the most comprehensive news coverage was demonstrated in the 2022 Uttar Pradesh elections when ABP Ganga garnered 97,769,865 views and emerged on top of the news channels leaderboard, outpacing its competition by three times, according to Social Blade’s March 10, 2022, report. On the counting day of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections, on December 8, 2022, ABP News achieved remarkable success by recording the highest real-time concurrent views on YouTube’s live stream among top news competitors.

On reaching the significant milestone of 59.2 million subscribers, Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network, said: “This momentous achievement is a testament to our commitment to becoming digital leaders and innovators. We are confident that with our sustained efforts, we can continually stay ahead of the changing times and grow our leadership in this space. We remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries and ensuring our network continues to record robust growth across all its properties and platforms. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we will leave no stone unturned to remain the very best.”

With its comprehensive innovative strategy, ABP Network is looking forward to continued growth across its properties and platforms in the coming years.

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