Fact File of SATCAB SYMPOSIUM 2017

 |  Sunday, 05 February 2017 12:52  |  Published in EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES
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“Technology Convergence in Digital India”

As India is set to attain complete digitalization, it is time for the industry to embark on a new journey by closing ranks and cooperating at all levels for the collective well-being of all stakeholders and to provide best in class service, at affordable rates to the consumers. As the C&S industry is characterized by too much change happening in too little time with new players, namely Edge service providers, emerging in the horizon, it is important that this new journey is characterized by greater party autonomy across the value chain with the focus being more on facilitation rather than regulation. Also in a multilayered ecosystem that connects with the last mile C&S households it is vital to have a mechanism that allows for transparency across the distribution chain to ensure equity and mitigate disputes. The Satcab Symposium this year offers an outlet to stakeholders to chart a new course in the New Year.

Importance of DTH in TV Broadcasting

 |  Wednesday, 16 November 2016 11:00  |  Published in EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES
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Technology plays important role in the economic devel opment and social equity. Science has no religion or region. Entire world feels the same requirement and importance of science. India gave basic math’s knowledge to the world and even Einstein recognized it.

Impact of Social Media on Human Life

 |  Friday, 11 November 2016 06:52  |  Published in EXCLUSIVE ARTICLES
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In today’s era, all the people spending most of the time on social media. Men, Women, Youth, Students all are connected with this. Social media is now part of their life. Without this they feel alone their selves.

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